– Shirley Howard 9/20/2020“A friend told me about Chef’s Cut and how impressed he was with the quality of ingredients and overall taste. I am not a vegetarian, but tried this pizza my first time I ordered. It is excellent. I have never had a better vegetarian pizza in my life. I pass 5-6 pizza places to get here and it’s completely worth it. My son’s favorite pizza is the supreme, and he normally only eats pepperoni. It definitely has a neighborhood feel, and I’ve had great experiences every time I’ve gone. I’ve recommended Chef’s Cut to many friends. I LOVE Chef’s Cut pizza!”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– ogilviedude 9/20/2020“Ordered a small pepperoni pizza. Overall the pizza was delicious. They use a thicker crust, which isn’t my favorite, but it was still good.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Drew Scott 9/18/2020“Great food and great people. This is gem of a find in the city. The pizza is hand tossed and hand made. Great ingredients. The wings are awesome. Don’t miss the pizza and wings lunch buffet or 50 cent wings on Wednesday. Everyone is friendly and it has a neighborhood favorite kind of feel. I highly recommend it.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– William Dabney 9/13/2020“The hotbrown pizza is worth coming back home for. I get a room, a hot brown pizza and enjoy myself.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Dow Buford 8/23/2020“Great food. Great service.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Greg Hopper 8/6/2020“My favorite new restaurant. Love the wings and the pizza. Delicious.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Stephanie Mastetson 8/4/2020“Groupon had a great deal n it was awesome”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Zack George 8/1/2020“There’s no better pizza place on the planet and it’s super cheap”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Antonio Lewis 8/1/2020“Tasty, clean, very welcoming the time you walk in the door. Will be returning soon. Pizza was great also but them wings were slamming.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Mike H. 7/31/2020“This pizza is amazing, sitting here with my belly full and a smile on my face. I really cannot wait to try a few of the other things on the menu.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Mike H. 7/31/2020“This pizza is amazing, sitting here with my belly full and a smile on my face. I really cannot wait to try a few of the other things on the menu.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Erik M. 7/25/2020“So, ordering pizza from here was a pleasant surprise. We only have, while at least what I thought, three options where I live for pizza delivery….the main 3. Pizza Hut was our preference, but they closed down. So we tried here. After saying delivery time would be an hour to an hour and a half, I was skeptical I was going to get good warm pizza. I was wrong. They came in under an hour and both of our pizzas and our sandwich we’re both hotter than the what we receive from the big 3 chains. And the pizza flavor was decently above average. They provide Parmesan cheese AND red pepper without asking, so that was a bonus. The Stromboli bread had a good crispness to it. We’ll certainly order here again.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Jordan Williams 7/18/2020“Ate here for dinner tonight. Was very yummy. Staff was friendly, service was a little slow but above all, good pizza.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Alexis S. 7/16/2020“Very pleased with the staff and service! Makes me feel comfortable and at ” home” . Love the musical selection The food is good and the atmosphere is one for games ( football or sports) and good vibes . Would definitely recommend… best of all they have a delivery option”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Emily D. 7/14/2020“We’ve ordered twice from here since Covid. Really good pizza’s. We tried the Hot Brown and Hawaiian. The crust is so good you eat it all. Also tried the cheese sticks that were really good. Both times we got it for pick up.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Brykland K. 7/10/2020“Just picked up pizza at Chef’s Cut Pizzeria and every one that works there had their mask on correctly. The only customer without a mask was eating. Always great pizza.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Johnathan Faith 7/9/2020“Clean, friendly environment. The owner is a great guy, and always has a good sense of humor.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Johnathon Gardner 7/8/2020“Best pizza in Louisville. No comparison. Great service even when they are busy.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lee Ann R. 7/8/2020“Very close to our house. Love Chefs. Friendly and great food. We get carry out once a week :). Great neighborhood spot”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Laura W. 7/1/2020“I have been looking for a good pizza place near Middletown ever since Wick’s closed. I have tried three local places and Chef’s Cut is my favorite so far. I ordered the supreme with no green olives, a salad and garlic parmesan wings. My order was ready and hot when I arrived. The service was quick and friendly. The food was very good I will be ordering from them again!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Vest Emily 6/30/2020“Love this place!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Rachel Strickland 6/29/2020“My husband loved all the herbs/seasoning sprinkled on top of the pizza!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Chanel Wells-Henderson 6/22/2020“This Pizzeria is a whole vibe! My 11 year old son enjoyed the “old people music”. The pizza was fantastic probably the best veggie pizza I have had in a long time. We also enjoyed hot wings they were lick your fingers good. I have bragged about this pizza all weekend and I look forward to going back for pizza night!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Dan Jaworski 6/21/2020“Visiting from Wisconsin we tried Chef’s Cut Pizzeria based off the reviews we saw online. We had it delivered to the hotel we were staying at and we were not disappointed! The Hot Brown pizza was amazing! Fantastic crust, great overall taste and both the person on the phone and the delivery driver were friendly. Only complaint I have is that I have no way to get it delivered to Wisconsin! I would recommend to anyone looking for a great pizza.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– mike alvey 6/10/2020“Had dinner at the Chef’s Cut Pizzaria this week. Great place, great atmosphere, great food and friendly people. We don’t have enough local owned businesses like this in my opinion. We had a mushroom pizza, some cheese sticks, and I had a hot brown pizza. We will be returning, it was great. If you know me well, you know I worked in the pizza business for many years, and I don’t throw pizza compliments around lightly, lol. It wasn’t just about the food. I watched more than one customer come in that was greeted by name by the staff, and although it was the first time for me, a very nice conversation was struck up with t h me as well. If you are out looking for a good slice and atmosphere, give it a try.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Jamie Poppe 6/8/2020“Great place and awesome pizza!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Kim E. 6/8/2020“This pizza is amazing. We are vegetarians so we ordered the veggie pizza. They offer specials every day and the delivery was quick. The pizza was piping hot too. We highly recommend this pizza.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Jennifer Williams 6/7/2020“Got a turkey sub and it was delicious! The gentleman behind the counter was friendly and welcoming as well! Would definitely recommend!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Amanda Lovelace 6/6/2020“I’ve never heard of this restaurant until this week. I ordered a Hot Brown pizza. It is beyond delicious. The delivery was precisely on time and very friendly. I’ll definitely order from here again instead of a chain pizzeria.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Missy McCullough 5/25/2020“OMG! We are from Michigan and looked for a good pizza place, I saw the reviews for this place and decided to try it. I’m a foodie at heart…all I can say is…YUM! The pizza was amazing…the crust was SO good! I don’t know what they do to make it so good….all I know I was sad when I couldn’t eat anymore because I was so full.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Chontell Simmons 3/11/2020“Wednesday was a wonderful day to go wings and glass of wine on a special price great food and staff was awesome.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lucky Barksdale 3/4/2020“Awesome pizza, even the crust(I don’t usually eat the crust)??. Service is fintastic! And Chef, he is a really cool guy!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– aren coleman 2/26/2020“Me and my son entered and was greeted ! The owner was very friendly and sweet . Food was hot and tasty. I recommend Chef’s Cut ???? percent !”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Rob Bailey 2/23/2020“Awesome pizza, great service, fun time”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Charles McGhee 2/20/2020“I’m a regular and I am there weekly. Matter of fact I may head on over to the buffet shortly. Food is ??”Go To Testimonial on Google

– David Grorud 2/13/2020“Awesome service!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Maggie R. 2/8/2020“Chef’s cut pizza is amazing. The workers are really nice. The food is great, and Chef is super nice.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Dana Holt Harper 1/31/2020“Love their pizza! Delicious! My family loves their lasagna too! Friendly staff and a great homey atmosphere makes this one of our favorite local restaurants!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Ron-Nequa M. 1/31/2020“Good, reasonably priced and not too far from work. I ask for everything well done. Good for a quick bite. Only thing i didnt like is that they put ranch in to go container then put the container on the oven. Who wants hot ranch?? Yuck.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Alejandra R. 1/21/2020“Veggie with beef pizza was delicious :). The pepperoni rolls are also really good.”Go To Testimonial on YelpShow More

– Amanda Champion 1/15/2020“I’m from Indiana and in Kentucky for work. I stopped at this place for lunch and TTHE BEST CHEESE PIZZA I have ever had. Friendly clean place and pizza to die for.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Scott Dunavan 12/28/2019“Great as always!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Fireball John 12/21/2019“Fantastic unique ‘hot brown’ pizza. Perfect mixture of ingredients. Friendly and cozy atmosphere. They obviously enjoy serving fantastic food! Has become our favorite pizza place to be.”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– Jordan Hamm 12/21/2019“Try the Hot Brown. Absolutely delicious!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Melissa C. 12/19/2019“My friend and I came here with a Groupon not knowing exactly what to expect, and were pleasantly surprised. With our coupon, we received drinks, a salad to share, an appetizer and a 12″ pizza. We started with the house salad, and unlike so many places, there wasn’t a piece of iceberg lettuce anywhere in sight. Field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, mozzarella shreds, croutons and a sprinkling of herbs made for a very nice salad. Next came the pepperoni rolls. All I can say is…yummy!! If you haven’t tried them, you should. The pizza we ordered was a supreme sans mushrooms and olives. A crust that was neither too thick nor too thin and the perfect amount of sauce allowed the flavor of the toppings to come through. We were pleased with our first time visiting, and I can easily see us returning.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Timothy Vogel 12/14/2019“Good 8″ meat lovers”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Cassie 11/27/2019“My husband brought pizza and wings home from Chef’s for the first time tonight… I’ll just say, I’m looking forwarding seeing what other goodies they serve! Keep up the great work!!”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– Edith Raymond 11/21/2019“Food and service beyond great.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– susymorrell 11/20/2019“Finally visited Chefs Cut Pizza Tucked away in a strip center with a boxing sports bar atmosphere Delicious cheesy and filling. We had Hot Brown Pizza. Has a white sauce which I usually don’t like But combined with the other ingredients, it works. Yummy. Drink prices reasonable and service fast and friendly. Will return”Go To Testimonial on TripAdvisor

– George-Martin Maines 11/12/2019“The pizza is so good! I’m glad that I now work close by there.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Yolanda Williams 11/9/2019“Favorite pizza place”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Bryan w 11/4/2019“First time there not too bad pretty good stromboli sandwich”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Joseph Smith 11/2/2019“Tmac is really good!and the hotbrown pizza is the best”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Shane Trombley 11/1/2019“This place is hella good !”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Micalan Kerberg 10/28/2019“Great food. Friendly atmosphere. Enjoyed my meal from the beginning to end. Highly recommend 10/10. Must get cheesy bread! ??”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Sarah Sidda Flautt 10/19/2019“GET UP OFF YOUR BUM AND GO!!! Amazing food! Fantastic atmosphere! Great group of regulars! And the staff?!?? Fanf*?$intastic!!! Beer on tap great! Prices hell yes!! Serving size, perfect! Music and sports- great! Good for whole fam! Can’t wait to get back!! Don’t think about it, get your keys and go!”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– Gavin Martin 10/19/2019“Enjoyed the pizza and 50 cent wings on wednesday.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Aaron Graber 10/18/2019“Excellent pizza, awesome staff. I don’t often leave reviews but this crew deserves every bit of 5 stars! Much love, from Ohio…. will definitely return soon.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Kevin Moore 10/17/2019“Visiting from Dallas. If you get to Louisville, it’s some of the most incredible pizza we’ve had!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Douglas Minto 10/13/2019“Great Pizza and Wings! Jerk wings are the best! Great staff and always friendly.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Arthur Patterson 10/9/2019“Good pizza pleasant surprise”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Doug Linkenhoker 10/9/2019“Excellent food great people w great prices. Nice, pleasant atmosphere.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Madisen Ziesemer 10/6/2019“What a fantastic pizza place! I would highly recommend!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Alexandra Arimes 10/3/2019“best pizza around, hands down. great local family buisiness, the owner is super friendly and down to earth- you’ll see him making pizzas behind the counter almost 6 days a week! this place is a hidden gem that needs to be shared!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Pam Wallace 9/29/2019“Fantastic pizza, fantastic people!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Nicole 9/23/2019“My husband kept trying to get me to come here. We don’t live very close to here. However we were already over this way with some friends so we gave it a try and were pleasantly surprised. The Pies were huge and filled with toppings and He even made a pizza with pineapples in it and my husband who is very picky ate it and loved it. The owner was so friendly and the staff were great as well. Well worth the trip for great service and food!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Monique Moncure-diop 9/9/2019“They have awesome food”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Mary Moody 9/7/2019“Awesome ????????????”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Buck Reeler 9/1/2019“Awesome great food great people will be foing back often. The wings are as mild or as HOT AS YOU WANT!!! Great place”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Ashley H. 9/1/2019“The Hot Brown pizza is my favorite! It the best hot brown pizza I’ve ever had. I really enjoyed the pepperoni roll too. I highly recommend this pizza joint! I will definitely be going back!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Carl Harris 8/30/2019“Pizzas were a great size for a great price. Really feels like a real pizzeria”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lanesha Crittenden 8/27/2019“Pizza and wings were Very good”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Robbie Barnhill 8/9/2019“Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Tons of toppings (I got supreme) with very good crust. The best wings I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to the place of the original buffalo wings. Meat literally fell off the bone. Will definitely be returning next time I’m in Louisville.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Fro Is known 8/9/2019“Great food! The spaghetti. The salad, and the pizza were all great, and even though it was close to closing time, the staff was very friendly, and offered to help carry out some of the items to the car. Great spot!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Ann Dekeuster 8/9/2019“Great pizza and good service”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Timothy Parker 7/29/2019“Best pizza I ever had, and the crew really know how to treat customers. I’m only going here for my pizza fix.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Nick Snellen 7/23/2019“Very friendly and very good food”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Thomas jr 7/14/2019“Very nice little place, with a comfortable atmosphere. Plenty of toppings, topped off with a mound of cheese, on a handmade crust. I will be back!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– midwest church of christ 7/10/2019“Everything from the pizza to the pasta and wings are delicious. This is coming from a certified chef that grew tired of cooking. Everytime I’m working in the area I make a point to stop bye. Even suggested this to friends when they want delivery. I haven’t tried the whole menu but by end of summer promise I will. Next time I stop bye I’m going to order the T-Mac it has rave reviews.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lisa P 7/2/2019“This pizza was good! Service super friendly. Cool place!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Dana L. 7/1/2019“I love, love pizza. In fact, my sometimes childlike palate can’t get enough. I work not too far from here, and my co-workers have ordered from here several times and their food always looked so good. So finally, I decided to give it a try after work one day a few months ago. It’s in an older strip center and is just a basic hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. Perfect for me on a weekday for dinner. Upon entering, the staff was warm, welcoming, and super friendly. Off to a good start! We plopped down in a booth and were immediately waited on. We ordered salads and an order of pepperoni rolls to start. The salads were fresh and more than adequate. I had an antipasto salad. The pepperoni rolls were delicious and the portion size was quite large. For our pizza, we chose the Hot Brown pizza. Now I love a Hot Brown almost as much as I love pizza, so this was a perfect choice. I had been eyeing pics on Yelp and pretty much knew what I wanted before we walked in. The pizza lived up to my expectations for sure. We both enjoyed it. The crust was perfectly thin and had a great texture. The Hot Brown pizza has a base sauce of Alfredo, instead of Mornay, and comes with the standard turkey, bacon, and tomatoes. It’s topped with mozzarella and provolone. It was great! Although I’d love to try their other pizzas, I’d have a hard time not ordering this pizza again. The staff was friendly. The dining room was clean. The prices were good. It was convenient and easy to get in and out of. All that, and the food was really good! I have no hesitation in giving them five stars for their category type and price point. I will return for sure.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Lisa Prewitt 6/29/2019“This pizza was good! Service super friendly. Cool place!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– T4787EQtomh 6/20/2019“Spent the day on the Bourbon Trail and thought pizza was the best way to end the day. We found Chef’s Cut Pizza not far from our hotel. OMG what a treat. The pizza was excellent, the 4 if us split a veggie pizza and a meat lovers pizza. The only thing better than the pizza was the service, Charissa gave. She u understands hospitality and service. If you need/want great pizza and outstanding service….here you go!”Go To Testimonial on TripAdvisor

– derek beals 6/12/2019“Very tasty pizza. Got the Hot Brown.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Kate Blazer 6/11/2019“Seriously, best pizza in the ville. The hot brown pizza is our favorite, and the staff is amazing. The owner always checks on his customers and makes you feel super welcome. If you are looking for the best in town, stop here first. ??”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Skyler Wilson 6/9/2019“Some of the best local pizza in Louisville! Finally decided to pick up a pizza and breadsticks the other day and the pizza was amazing. It had a really good flavor and a crisp crust for it to be a hand tossed pizza. The breadsticks were pretty thin and didn’t have much flavor, but the pizza definitely made up for it. We will definitely get it again.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Coleman Casey 6/1/2019“Small quaint little place. Food good and people very nice. Will return here.”Go To Testimonial on Google– Mark Kinney 5/25/2019“The pizza is awesome, and the pepperoni rolls are top notch!”Go To Testimonial on Foursquare

– Justin Jewell 5/21/2019“Great local spot! If you want something different order the Amanda Special ;D”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Kimberly Schmidt 5/21/2019“Good food and friendly service!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Ronnie Adkison 5/20/2019“Best pie I have had in Louisville! You are cheating yourself if you don’t give it a try! Does a buffet with wings for lunch! A great bargain with very good food!!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Hope V. 5/12/2019“Pizza was excellent!! Pickup didn’t go as planned. Needed to pick up at 11, even called to confirm pizzas would be ready at 11, get there at 11, no pizzas. In their defense it was 16 pizzas. Tried the hot brown pizza for first time and that is definitely happening again!! Try if, you will love it!!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Stephanie B. 5/11/2019“I would recommend Chefs Cut Pizzeria , the food is delicious !! We had the Superme pizza and half mushrooms half pepperoni , one that has sausage. And an order of bread sticks. The service was good ,our waitress was very friendly .”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Anthony Sloan 5/9/2019“Nice customer service. Pleasant atmosphere”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Douglas M. 5/9/2019“The greatest wings and the best Hot Brown Pizza in the USA! Chef, Charissa, and Prince are great hosts!!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– A Kee 5/5/2019“Customer service was great. Will def be back!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Patricia N. 4/30/2019“This is my favorite pizza joint !!! If the pizza is not on the menu that you want, he will make it . Chef is awesome the employees and the atmosphere is great too!!! Bring the whole family!!! And did I mention that they don’t just sell pizza :). Go and get your eat on!!!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Trish M. 4/21/2019“Stopped in for a late lunch. We were almost the only people in the place, so the service was amazing. Our waiter was so friendly and offered advice on what to order. We had a small supreme and 6 bbq wings. The wings were good and came out steaming hot, so you knew they were fresh. The pizza came a little later and was overflowing with toppings. The crust was crispy, there was plenty of cheese, and just the right amount of sauce. Overall, I would go back again.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Patrick Wimsatt 4/21/2019“This was our first visit the pizza was delicious and the staff was super friendly we will definitely return in the near future. Would recommend to give it a try.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Michael Williams 4/17/2019“Great deal on pizza and wings for lunch! Good food great staff!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Sian M. 4/12/2019“This was our 2nd visit and we love the food. I do not like pizza unless it has ample cheese, and this place gets it right every time. This will DEFINITELY be our regular pizzeria!”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– issac evans 4/4/2019“Great staff. Great pizza. Great place. Whole heartedly recommend.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Jennifer Coffee 4/3/2019“staff was kind and welcoming loved the atmosphere and the food was a five star quality”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Stephanie Seelye 3/25/2019“Great service and the food was good too!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lisa Clarke-Woods 3/23/2019“Tried the 7inch personal pan “Build your Own” and it was the best I had in a long time.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– David 3/22/2019“Better than average pizza for sure! Great pizza and great service. Very friendly and good on prices.”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– Michael Jones 3/22/2019“Food is always good, nice people that work in the Pizzeria.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Crystal Head 3/21/2019“Love the chicken wings”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Mike Davenport 3/14/2019“they messed up my order. accidents happen oh well what happened next surprised me. the owner while they remake the pizza walks over to where im sitting and hands me a card for a free pizza. the gentleman was very nice and apologetic the entire staff was very accomodating… to top it off the pizza was great!!! will definitely be back with my family.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lee Cardwell 3/10/2019“Great pizza pie”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Joe’l Duvall 3/9/2019“Best veggie pizza!!!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Lauren Ken Doll 2/27/2019“a wonderful hole in the wall pizzeria that no pizza connoisseur should pass up. Service was kind and the eats were nothing short of satisfying. Highly recommend.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Pat Kitchens 2/24/2019“Great food and great service.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Miranda Grim 2/21/2019“Very good!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Alexandra L. 2/17/2019“Great little place for a quick bite of pizza. Pizza had the right proportion of dough to cheese. Great taste. The garlic bread was made from pizza dough and was also really good. The service was friendly and fast. Would stop by again.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Gregory R 2/17/2019“Came in from out of town for a hockey tournament at Iceland sports complex had time between games and tried this place out food was great service was even better recommend”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Sylvia 2/16/2019“All the pizzas are wonderful ! I have tried them all. The wings are the best in the city!”Testimonial submitted directly on this site

– Theresa Render 2/11/2019“Amazing food!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Jamil Zabaneh 2/10/2019“Went there tonight for the first time . The food and the service were great . Will be back !”Go To Testimonial on Google

– LUPE SANCHEZ 2/3/2019“Great pizza”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Batt B. 2/1/2019“Best pizza in Louisville! And really amazing service. This guy John knows how to cook a pie. Crispy crust, generous cheese and toppings and seasoning that finishes it off perfectly. If you’re considering spending your eating-out-budget here, 100% do it.”Go To Testimonial on Yelp

– Jerry Stains 1/23/2019“I highly recommend CHEF’S CUT PIZZA. pizza was great loaded with fresh ingredients. Loved the wings as well.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– John Henle 1/20/2019“Nice people.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– KyThreeper][][][% We The People 1/11/2019“Great place! If you want great food and fantastic service, then you need to check this place out. Chef give A+ customer service and his pizza is off the hook good!!!!!!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Marie Short 1/11/2019“Friendly and good food”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Thomas Joseph 1/8/2019“When you love pizza, a standout taste is memorable. This is standout pizza. Friendly people, too.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Tj Kahl 1/5/2019“Working at a spectrum call center right around the corner this place was so yummy and convenient, I bought a groupon which was an amazing deal and my team lead went and picked it up she said the owner was so nice, and I can say all the coworkers around us was like what’s that smell. The pizza was absolutely amazing and they quantity and quality of the food was suberb. We will surely be back!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Wesley Lee 1/4/2019“Great experience! Really nice staff and the food was so good! We will return!”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Rebecca Tomes 12/23/2018“Chef is very nice and treats his customers great. Salad was better than a top notch ritzy steakhouse. Appetizer and pizza are delicious as well as nice cold beer.”Go To Testimonial on Google

– Joshua Thompson 12/21/2018“Awesome sauce”Go To Testimonial on GoogleShow More

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