where family meets food

Why We’re Here

Started in 2016 by Louisville native and Executive Chef John Railey and partner Prince Colley, Chef’s Cut has taken the area by storm and has become the area’s leading restaurant in just 4 short years. Inspired by John’s late friend Joe Pendergest, our authentic pizza and sandwiches have quickly become a household name. No matter what sports fan you are, Chef’s Cut has the team for you! We have our own hockey, softball, and baseball teams and we sponsor local school teams. Chef’s Cut is an equal opportunity establishment that caters to and supports everyone. Our restaurant is designed specifically with family in mind. Whether you’re bringing the family here after a baseball game or just simply coming for a drink at the bar, Chef’s Cut is the place to be!

Meet The Chef

John Railey has integrated his 28 years of culinary expertise with modern style cuisine. When John is not traveling and doing world food events you can find him in the restaurant interacting with customers or at the ovens making you the best pizza of your life.

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Recently Rated #75 Best Pizza In America!